Redesign of the Chrome extension for a more user-centric
experience amidst COVID-19 outbreak 

TwitterPlay UI Redesign

TwitterPlay is a real time social analytics program designed by Quantum Ventura Inc. During my 12 week summer 2020 internship, I was able to redesign Quantum Ventura's product to encompass a more consistent brand identity. I have researched and revamped the given designs to be more user friendly and easily accessible. 

My Role:

Lead Designer

Time Frame: 

Twelve weeks (June - September 2020) 


UI Design, UX Design, UX Research, Graphic Design


How can we improve the efficiency of the interface to structurally be more user friendly, readable, and accessible? 


Eliminiating unnecessary clutter and incorporating a cohesive brand identity will improve the structure of the interface and help for easier usability. 

My Process 

I started off my research process by first interviewing users in various age groups on their thoughts on the current design while observing their ability to complete tasks in finding information accordingly. After interviewing, I found a trend between all age groups and gathered user pain points to be able to start building my conceptual model. 

User Pain Points

1. Cluttered

"Theres lot of information thrown at you without a clean way to process it" 

Current Interface Design

2. Brand Identity 

"It appears to be old and bland. There is no brand identity" 

3. Hard to Distinguish

"These screens make it hard to distinguish between each section" 

Final Designs 

After multiple iterations, I finalized on a minimalist dashboard design to display the information at a glance, allowing the data to be easily analyzed. 


To show a consistent page design, I was able to make each checklist of user lists into tiles with the most important statistics displayed at a glace along with their respective Twitter profile pictures and cover pictures to tie in a more memoriable experience when looking at the user data.


I chose to have each section separated by a drop shadow, with all clickable elements in a bright blue color to create a cohesive layout for each of pages not including the main dashboard. 


The importance of each page is to have the data unique to each page presented accurately. A big problem I struggled with was finding the right place to put elements in regards to where the eye travels to first. I decided to place the important call to actions on the right hand side of the tiles, where as information is spread out from left to right in importance. 


Overall, this project was an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of, it had heightened my work ethic as a designer due to all the adversities I have encountered. This project challenged my skills and I was able to learn a lot of useful skills ranging from Information Design to Dashboard Design! I would like to thank my managers, Aaron Goldberg and Srini Vasan for being very encouraging and proactive throughout this internship! 

*Due to company confidentiality agreement, I am unable to provide more information about this product* 

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